Roland Olyphant started his career in 2006. Catching the way of underground music he started his carrier playing minimal techno. Later watching the music changes and looking after the western musical direction he started playing less hard and more melodic rhythms with ethnic and jazz elements but still with his own esthetic. Roland collects vinyl and he follows the classic way of djing. In his record library at present there is the most actual sound collection: groovy deep and tech house as well as techno and modern minimal.

Since 2009 together with a Double Sound team he arranged the highlights of the night life in St. Petersburg. He played on one stage with such artists as Fabiano, Gunnar Stiller, Kadebostan, Jin Choi, James Teej, Dan Andrei etc. 

In 2016 Roland grounded a project with Lorum, also a Dj from St. Petersburg, in which they played as Ro.Lo. In the same year both Dj’s grounded a project namend TakaTaka and started playing sets as “TakaTaka nights” all around Russia. Also the series "TakaTaka podcast" give the opportunity to get a closer look to the intention and the ideas of these movement, gathering in itself the best sets of talented Dj's and musicians.

Good and discriminating taste, his way of performing on stage make Roland Olyphant a popular Dj – he often plays in St. Petersburg and tours a lot. His carefully planned and prepared Dj sets always meets the atmosphere of the place he plays in and the mood of the people on the dancefloor. 
At the moment Roland Olyphant pays most of his attention to the music creation that makes him consider not only as a DJ but as producer of his own music. In 2017 Roland moved to Germany to proceed his work in Europe.


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