Electronic music was his passion since late 80-s when his favorite artists were Brian Eno, Harold Bud, Can, Joy Division, Einstürzende Neubauten et cetera. Bvoice began experimenting with decks in 1996 when the very young Russian techno-scene was still mostly underground. The first gigs and recognition came while he was dj-ing in some of the first places where you could listen to electronic music in Russia. Then in 2003 Vasily Bvoice was one of the first artists who join the team “Deepmix” Moscow Radio (www.deepmix.ru).


As Bvoice dj skills matured he took the other step in developing his musical talents. So in 2002 he founded project called Midiots (Dumb Unit, Treibstoff Rec). Native Instruments “Traktor 2” took their track for the demo skills of the program. In 2005 together with Egor “Khz” Bvoice started the project Bvoice & Khz (Time Has Changed, Dumb Unit, Airdrop etc). Style of their music has a very broad spectrum from contemporary deep-house to basement dub-techno.

Later the project Bvoice & Anrilov has started (also with Alex Danilov like B.A.D project). The support of their first EP was pretty huge: Loco Dice, Mandy, Marc Antona and many more. Then the collaboration time has come. Pier Bucci, dOP, Masomenos, Hatikvah etc. Also Bvoice & Anrilov are part of Arma & Foxtrax labels.
Nowadays Bvoice is the resident of several moscow clubs: Arma17, Shanti, Propaganda, Rodnya Rooftop as well RTS (www.rts.fm), Kazantip Festival and Bvoice & Anrilov project. Just follow the noise!


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